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I’ve been following the guys at Nordic Food Lab for about a year now. They work closely with Noma in research and menu development, and they’ve been working on some pretty radical stuff.

Here are some highlights on their tests with insect gastronomy:
(all images courtesy of Nordic Food Lab) not bug-related, but super cooll.

Keep in mind, they have a bunch of non-bug related research, too, so if you’re squeamish, but appreciate food science, definitely check them out.

tongue & cheek: sous-vide beef tongue - beef cheek tostada - charred avocado crema - summer squash - tomato flowers #food #eat #cook #winsoncooks

truffle poached sablefish - onion filigree - carbonated grapes - parsley & champagne puree #food #eat #winsoncooks

Probably one of the best bars I’ve been to. Masterclass cocktails for $10. This bartender was killing it. #drink (at Death + Taxes, Reno)

Bar selection is ridiculous. #drink (at midtown eats)

Japanese snacks! Banana Twinkies! Courtesy of the Albers. #food #snacks

beets in textures : meringue - marshmallow - raw - salt-roasted - chevre

#winsoncooks #food #cooking @tepnguyen your favorite!

lamb loin : blueberries - blueberry demi - charred cucumber - granola - yogurt - african blue basil

The African Blue Basil from our garden has strong notes of blueberry, pairing well with the lamb and yogurt in this dish. #food #cooking #winsonfood

dry-aged squab : squab heart & liver | nasturtiums | quince jam | demi | baby turnips #food #cooking #culinaryworkshop #winsonfood

maine lobster & asparagus : cured egg yolk | white truffle ice cream | potato crisps | powderized citronette

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